Philip Elsas is founder and director of, starting in
    the Netherlands in 2003 and in Canada in 2006, and R&D director at Red Canari
 Information Security since January 2017., PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Dutch Tax Agency
   partnered in the Jacquard project “Next Generation Auditing: Data-assurance as
   a Service” (2010-2015), led by the National Center of Mathematics and Computing  
   Science in the Netherlands. was hired over the last
   8 years to set up university Master courses in Smart Auditing.

       Prior to Philip spent 15 years with Deloitte: the first
   half in auditing, the second in consultancy, with a 3 year intermezzo at Bakkenist
   Management Consultants, sold to Deloitte in 1999.

       In Deloitte's audit practice, Philip was involved in the design and development of
   an advanced system for audit planning and guidance: Smart Audit Support. To
   allow expert auditors to build an industry specific smart questionnaire that guides
   engagement auditors in planning the audit process. Till today Smart Audit Support
    is being used in Deloitte's worldwide audit practice.

       As a consultant and associate at Bakkenist and principal at Deloitte, Philip
   participated in design and development of modeling infrastructure for accounting
   logistics, workflow management and activity-based and process-based costing.
   During the period 1998-2002 at Deloitte, in one day a week, Philip set up and
   teached a Computer Security course at the VU university of Amsterdam.

       Philip Elsas holds a PhD in mathematics and computing science in the field of
   financial auditing. His dissertation "Computational Auditing" appeared in 1996,
   in courtesy of Deloitte in cooperation with the VU university of Amsterdam, the
   Netherlands, and was directly after appearance awarded the Alfred Coini auditing
   prize. The thesis introduces an extension of Place-Transition Nets to articulate
   audit security invariants and proving net system properties (E.W. Dijkstra style).
Cyber Secured Completeness of Revenue